Energetic Constellations  -My place on the path-

The nature of this work explores soul movements and offers an integrative perspective as we explore concrete solutions to situations that block the person´s well-being in their relationship with themselves, with their family, work, community and spiritual life.


A family system could be described as an interlacing of threads made of promises, love, losses, loyalties and sacrifices passed on through generations. These feelings and intergenerational movements create systemic entanglements that have a powerful impact on the people that are part of the system. The focus of this work is to reestablish the order and find the rightful place of each person in the system. 


When the members and events of a family, organization or community are recognized and take their own place the system deepens, opens and flourishes with greater grace.


Being human means that we share a systemic consciousness. Sharing this healing experience with a group is profound because it gives us the opportunity to be part of another´s person´s healing and helps us realize that the healing of one becomes the healing of all.