All human beings look for balance as part of their search for happiness and well-being. However, the world, our relationships and life experiences are sometimes chaotic, painful and complex that we lose our equilibrium and sense of direction.  

The tension that comes from these two contradictory forces leads us to the desire to reconcile balance and chaos, stability with change, creation and destruction. Our quest to find a unifying and reconciling movement between these two currents is the source of infinite growth and creativity, if we choose to follow it.   


My work and mission consist in identifying, with the client, family or group, their intrinsic and concrete needs, acknowledging the internal and inter personal tension of their current situation, with the intention to reconcile and improve the relationship they have with reality.


My vision is that we are multidimensional beings, our path is simultaneously unique and collective. The healing and therapeutic instruments I offer support the resolution of states of confusion, pain, conflict, isolation and stress generated by life experiences.


Healing comes from strengthening and structuring the person´s inner resources, by encouraging internal and concrete changes that improve the quality of their life, thus contributing to the well-being of the collective.

My intention is to awaken and reconnect you with your sense of personal value, to encourage and lead you to express your talents, your power and essential beauty.