"Over the past 15 years I have worked alongside Laurence, and I have had the privilege also of receiving her work. Her sense of integrity, combined with her authentic healing abilities, compassion, and capacity for clear communication, is a measure for all of us to aspire to. I can highly recommend her to anyone searching for deep healing and transformation.

In appreciation,

Ray Johnston




"Laurence's spirit and presence is gentle and healing and her work with family constellation has given her profound insights and experience in what family constellation can do for human beings in severe suffering, grief and distraught. She is one of the few I have worked with myself and my own experience was life changing. Her balance between spirit and human life is extraordinary and full of strength light and beauty.You are a true heart opener. How fortunate am I to have experienced your integrity, wisdom and skill. My soul smiles at the thought of you and I know that in you I always have a place of truth to return to. "

Catherina Severin





"I have had the honor of knowing and working with Laurence for many years now and it is a joy for me to support the gift she is in her work in the world.  She is inspiring in her capacity as teacher, therapist, Constellation guide, Reiki Master, and Marriage Ceremony, to stand with such humility in all that she knows and shares at the same time, always remaining the student, open to Life as teacher."

Paul Mitchell

Head of Discipline of Usui Shiki Ryoho




"I have had the privilege of knowing and sharing with Laurence both personally and professionally for twenty plus years.  I met her as an educator and therapist with a young family and over the years I have watched her mature and blossom into a master of her life.  I most admire her ability to delve into her own healing with conviction and compassion and, in turn, support others to do the same.  She dances to the song of life with an open heart risking it to break, and then be restored to wholeness. Through her practice of the Usui System of Reiki Healing, Laurence has touched many many lives worldwide and is very respected and loved by us all." 

Upasana Grugan. Reiki Master




"Laurence is a wonderful Reiki Master who can offer her students and clients deep wisdom, compassion and great empathic listening skills.  I warmly recommend her as a teacher and mentor."

Shanti S Bernard, MA, PhD ABD



"I have worked with Laurence on many occasions, both for personal and group work. Every time I had profound experiences, her knowledge and intuition are always perfectly and beautifully aligned."

Patty Bueno





"From the moment I met Laurence she just felt like family. This feeling allowed me to be as open as possible during my sessions of REIKI and Constellations with her. During our sessions of I gained a different understanding of myself and was able to clear some questions that I’ve had about my life, so much so that my wife and I asked her to be our Officiant in marriage. Our ceremony really captured the essence of who my wife and I are and Laurence was the one who led us there. Thank You.”

Christian Cardona