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Laurence Fontaine

Have you needed a space to be heard, held, seen, guided as you move inward to better adjust to the demands of the outer world? Have you found the story about your life that is restraining and holding you back? 


Are you looking for deeper meaning? Is your spiritual life alive? Do you find time in your life for deepening silence and contemplation? Do you feel in need of healing?


Have you ever felt there is something you are not seeing and wondered if this is the reason why you keep reliving the same difficult personal or interpersonal experiences?  


Did you ever dream of co-creating a wedding, a hand-fasting, a ritual of awakening that would reflect your divine nature? 


Have you ever felt your body is foreign to you? Have you ever struggled to accept and surrender to your physical needs and reality? Do you feel connected to your body? 

Therapy Sessions
My purpose

I always longed and acted in ways that contribute to the well-being to the world around me. Have found your longing, dreams and have they come true?  

Together we explore ways to transform suffering into states of conscious well-being. Experiences of loneliness, confusion, emotional isolation affect our capacity to keep a balance in our life, this is the heart of the work I do. Together we explore ways to expand your awareness of self, sense of responsibility, clarity, health and creativity.

During a deep personal crisis, I received my first Reiki treatment and found it to be my spiritual home. I´ve practice Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, a Japanese healing art, since 1989. I became a Master and began teaching in 2001

My professional history began with a passion for children. Since I was a child I intuitively knew that a healthy beginning in life was key to becoming a healthy adult. This led me to become interested in family dynamics and I pursued a Master´s degree in psychology. 
My continuous learning led me to different therapeutic modalities: humanistic psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology (The Pathwork), family constellations, Fluid Resonance (based on Continuum Movement and ecstatic dance). Knowing how deeply we are interconnected with the world as a whole I have immersed myself  in regenerative and developmental thinking.
I offer a unique approach in private sessions, mentoring, teaching and facilitating workshops encouraging self-discovery, self-value, self-care so that we all we can contribute to make a difference in world we live in. 


Over the past 15 years I have worked alongside Laurence, and I have had the privilege also of receiving her work. Her sense of integrity, combined with her authentic healing abilities, compassion, and capacity for clear communication, is a measure for all of us to aspire to. I can highly recommend her to anyone searching for deep healing and transformation.

-Ray Johnston

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